'The Nutcracker'

Friday, December 1st

Though this happened about fourteen days ago, I thought you might still wanna know about it. 

On December 1st, the Crown Prince family enjoyed the evening together by visiting the theater. They joined the premiere of The Nutcracker at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen. The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas ballet that goes perfectly for families -like the Crown Prince couple. The wonderful story is actually written in 1816 by E.T. A. Hoffmann, here. Unfortunately, I never watched a ballet before but that is going to happen one day. More than once. We know about this visit because of a Danish magazine, who captured the family's evening, here.

Christmas in Australia

A few weeks ago it was announced that the Crown Prince couple and their four children were about to spend Christmas in Australia, along with the Crown Princess's family. At the same time it was announced that Prince Joachim and Princess Marie should also spend Christmas abroad while the Queen and her husband stay in Denmark during Christmas. Usually, the whole family spend the evening together but a couple of years ago the Crown Prince family, apparently, started a new tradition -which is called 'Australian Christmas'.

I am still in the opinion that the family should be allow to keep their vacation in private. Which is why I'm not going to report each and every step they are taking. If you do not agree with my decision, there are plenty of blogs etc. that will show you what you want. Don't worry; I am still going to keep you updated. Just not as closely as usually.

Let's enjoy the next couple of weeks before Christmas with each other. Don't forget to follow my new page on Pinterest, here. New boards will soon be added.

Update: December 13th
According Danish media the family has now arrived to Sydney. The Crown Prince couple were spotted along with some friends shortly after the arrival at a boat race.

Update: December 18th
Several media tell that the Crown Prince and Crown Princess enjoy their Australian holiday close by the sea with swimming and running.

Blog news

A few things have been going on the last couple of days here on the blog. Maybe you noticed it. Maybe you didn't. For almost 8 years I have run this blog with great pride and commitment. I have always sworn that the blog would be my first priority and not represent it on any social media platform. Nevertheless, I changed my mind. At least just a little bit. Which is why Style of Mary now got its very own Pinterest account, here. Can't say if I will join any other media in the future but you'll never know. You are very much welcome to join me. The account is meant as a place of inspiration. Now and then new boards will be added and others deleted. All to match season, trend and what interest you the most. This is also why I'd love to get in touch with you -for many new ideas. Take a look around and let me know what else you need. 

I created a button for all this. You find it at the bottom of the site, right next to my very new 'contact button'. This allow you to get in contact with me with just one click. Now it is also possible for you to subscribe to a newsletter. So each time a new post is published, you'll know right way. And of course you are still able to write comments as usual. It is all new to you and me but I hope you will embrace all these new features with an open mind.